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Ticket Evaluation Checklist

The questionnaire

Check out our new checklist tool. This tool shows you exactly what you should be thinking about in order to determine if your tickets will be profitable. View More…

Click the link to download our Excel spread sheet that will help you to keep track of what tickets you are buying and selling. This organizer automatically calculates the amount of cost, revenue, and profit.

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Ticketflipping Toolbox

Check out the advanced Ticketflipping Toolbox which will help select the best resale events by giving you detailed breakdown about tickets remaining, selling, etc…Click Here

Private Mastermind Chat Group

Get in on the action in real time! Talk to the Ticket Flipping Admins and other members and discover new investments every day Enter Here

Ticket Market Predictions

Our team here at ticket flipping shows you exactly what tickets to buy to start making money as a Ticket Broker. A curated listed of event we recommend to Ticketflipping members. Get Access to the Market Prediction

Ticketflipping FLARE Event Dashboard

View every single event on the Ticketflipping FLARE Event Dashboard. Direct links, presale dates, venue capacity and more. This will help you find events and discover new artist quickly and consistently. Get predictive analytics on how new events will performer using our FLARE EVENT SCORE. View Now

US and Canadian Venue Sizes

Venue size is an very important consideration when flipping tickets. The smaller the venue the faster it will sell out and the higher the demand for resale-tickets will be. Click the link to see a list of some of the Top Venues around the United States Access on FLARE: FLARE Predictive Analytics Event Dashboard