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how to become a ticket broker


Our video tutorials teach you step by step how to become a ticket broker, whether you are completely new, or more advanced. Start reselling tickets online for a profit today.



Our blog lets you know what is going on in the ticket brokering world today.  Look out for posts with all sorts of additional ticket brokering information.



Our tools includes, Market Predictions tool that tells you exactly what shows will be selling out along with our advanced toolbox plugin which tells how many tickets are left!


Ticket Buying Process with the Toolbox (Detailed) 

Get a clearer understanding of what a regular ticket research and buying process looks like with our new in depth videoRead More

Pulling Seats - The Art of Buying Seats

It’s all about choosing the right seats to buy in your particular venue. Choosing an event to buy for is the first step, but picking the right...Read More

Can I Make $100,000+ Per Year?

A question we get all the time is: How much money can I make reselling tickets? Here's the truth.There is only one person that can answer that question.. Read More

How Much Should You Invest?

When entering the arena of buying and selling tickets you have to decide what kind of risk you want to take on and what kind of money you are willing to spend upfront. With the information we have... Read more

Understanding Demand & Value Curves - General Admission

Value Curve

 Demand for General Admission shows is highest at the initial Onsale - all the dedicated fans hop on to grab tickets. For extremely hot tickets, this wave of demand will actually sell out the... Read more

Making money with proper resale pricing 

To make a lot of money you must use the proper tools to give yourself any advantage you can, simply trudging away doing the same thing will keep you in the same place forever... Read More

How to Resell Tickets: Make money with Ticket Resale

Reselling tickets for a profit is perhaps the simplest method for making money online. It is the way we, as the owners of Ticketflipping, first began to make money online. This is why we so strongly... Read more

How To "Scalp" Tickets Online - The Easy Way

Knowing which tickets will sell out is exactly what we do here at ticketflipping. We look at hundreds of shows to select which will most likely sell out. Learn how to scalp tickets... Read More

How to Resell Tickets Online: Sports

Even the most devout fans can’t make it to all 41 NBA or NHL home games or all 81 MLB games. Rather than wasting a ticket season ticket holders can recoup some of their costs by selling their tickets on the resale market ... Read More

Example Events Analysis For 5/1/2018

This is an example of Weekly Market Analysis which we send to all Ticketflipping Members. We hope this gives you an idea of what we offer for our members on top of our training guides...Read more

Sell Concert Tickets 


Well I'm going to show you how to sell concert tickets so that it actually sells even if the event is Tomorrow! The best places include Stubhub... Read More.

So what is the new Toolbox 2.0?

So what is The Ticketflipping Toolbox? It is the most advanced ticket analytics tool that gives you data and information to help you find and track highly valuable tickets... Read more