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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously here at TicketFlipping. The data collected when you become a member is your Email Address and contact information. Any other data is manually added by you when you edit your profile. We do not share your data anywhere and is only used to integrate your email with the Slack group.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Each investment made is your own decision. We only give tips, and losses on some tickets are inevitable. We are not responsible for any investment decisions you make.
  2. FTC Disclosure: Results Not Typical.
  3. We are not financial advisers. All decisions for tickets should be made by you personally.
  4. Ticket Flipping LLC recommends various services and resources to our members and receive affiliate commission in return. Resources include but are not limited to Partnerize and Lysted.

Intellectual Property Rights

Other than the content you created/own, materials on the website are the intellectual property rights  of Ticket Flipping LLC.

By consuming Ticket Flipping Media or using the Ticket Flipping Toolbox you hereby agree to not develop or promote for yourself, have developed, or develop for third parties, materials, products or services which are competitive in nature to the Ticket Flipping Toolbox, Ticket Flipping FLARE, and Ticket Flipping Educational platform indefinitely.

Failure to comply will result in legal action on behalf of Ticket Flipping LLC