Refer back to this checklist before making a purchase to avoid making any obvious or simple mistakes.


The questionnaire


These are general guidelines that should be considered when selecting tickets, they can change how well a show will sell out. It is important to consider these points on a case by case basis.



Enter the name of the Tickets you wish to buy:

Go through the checklist and verify that the show passes all or most of the bulleted point.

Day of the Week

  • - The event is on a weekend night or on a night that people are able to attend

Venue Capacity

  • - This size of the venue is smaller (3000 or less) or demand is enough to fill

Venue Location

  • - The venue is located in a big metropolitan city where there is enough population

Seat Location

  • - The seat is it a price break point where it is cheaper then other seats (find out more)

Time of Day

  • - The event is at night or later in the day when people can attend.

Event Date

  • - Is the event on a special day? Holiday or other that may influence demand?

Artist Sell out History

  • - Does this artist sellout a lot of shows often?

Artist current Hype

  • - Is this artist exploding or is his overall demand going down?

Age limits on Tickets

  • - Are tickets age limited to 18+ or 21+ (very important for resale)

How many shows are There

  • - Is there more than one show for this artist, sometimes back to back (reduces demand)

Venue General Sellout rate

  • - Does this venue generally sellout. Good location and small capacity can cause a place to sellout regardless of how good the performer is.

Ticket is listed on both Stubhub and Ticketmaster (Watch this Video Training)

  • - Is this ticket listed on both stubhub and ticketmaster so you can purchase and list for resale right away?

Is the electronic Ticket Available (Watch this video Training)

  • - Can you download the electronic pdf ticket immediately of do you have to wait to receive your ticket?


After going through this checklist, decide whether or not to buy the selected tickets. I can not tell you exactly when to buy or deny a show, but these will help you better decide for yourself.