Slack Group

Slack Premium Member Chat


Download the Application ‘Slack’ on your phone or go to ticketflipping.slack.com to connect with us and the group. We will automatically add you to the group when you become a member.

(Please Email us if you are not added within a few hours after Joining: ticketflipping@gmail.com)

This private group chat is where all of our members Communicate

The chat discussion includes a variety of preset Topics such as:

1. Upcoming Events Discussion

2. Ticket Resale Concepts

3. Onsale Notifications of events to consider.

4. Tixcounter: Check how many Tickets are left available for a show by typing “/tixcount Ticketmaster-event-link”. (All members can check 3 shows for free per day. You can upgrade for more advanced features here: TicketFlipping Toolbox

5. Ask Ticketflipping Brokers, other advanced brokers, and Ticketflipping Members any questions about Events, Tickets, Seats, or anything else you need help with.

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