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Stubhub Sales Analytics - Get easy access to Stubhub Sold Data. Check out our Stubhub Price/Volume Graph, and see Sold history for any event without having to create a temporary listing.

Easy Mobile Tickets - View Mobile Tickets in your browser so you can Print -> Save As PDF easily onto your computer

Check Stubhub Event - Button on every Ticketmaster page with link to corresponding Stubhub Event for easy access


Ticket Counter - See how many tickets are still available for any Ticketmaster/Livenation event (Click to view larger Image)

Presale Password Indicator for Ticketmaster - Integration with which allows you to see presale password directly on Ticketmaster for the exact event.



Refund Indicator - Refund image indicates whether that event's venue allows 3 day refunds

All members can use the tool by using the command /tixcount 'URL' in the #tixcounter channel in our Slack group.


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Pro $99/mo


45 Toolbox features daily uses

Expert $159/mo


450 Toolbox features daily uses