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Set Event Alerts

Set Event Alerts

Set Drop Alerts, Low Alerts, & Price Alerts and get notified when tickets are selling out or more have been added!

View Remaining Tickets

View Remaining Tickets

See how primary and secondary ticket marketplaces are selling, so you can make profitable decisions.

Track Events

Track Events

​Get access to Daily Presale Lists and Codes to find ideal events ahead of time, no more hours doing your own research!

See Sales Data

See Sales Data

See exactly how tickets are selling on the secondary market so you can make intelligent decisions every time.

Newly Released The Ticketflipping Price HeatMap

The Ticketflipping Price Heatmap will help you easily identify which seats to target during a presale.

The Price Heatmap is available to Expert and above tier memberships.

For a limited time, also availible to PRO members using Private Tabs

Our Full Coverage Promise

Give YOU the full picture on ANY event from announcement, presale, primary, and finally into the secondary.

Event Dashboard

Flare, has every single event going on sale. Here you can find the:

  • Venue size
  • Prices of the tickets
  • Presale passwords
  • Artist Metrics
  • AI Event Score
  • Much more (Find out More)
Primary Marketplace

See exactly how tickets are selling on primary marketplaces like Ticketmaster, Livenation, AXS, Tickets.com, and other.

You can track your favorite events and see a trend over time of how the tickets are selling. 

Set alerts on ANY event to be reminded of additional tickets released (dropped tickets) or get a low ticket alert when an event (or section) is about to sell out.

Nothing else comes close to empowering you with the immediate data you need to succeed.

Secondary Marketplace

Track sales across the secondary market to know exactly how an event is selling. Find out what other resellers are charging and what fans are paying for those tickets. Know exactly when tickets sold and for how much. 

This will help you better price your tickets and find potential opportunities to acquire more inventory.

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Hey guys, first off let me tell you, since I have added the drop alerts my sales have surged by minimum of 40% and profit has jumped on those sales by at least 25-35% on those shows. Thanks so much guys I should have upgraded loooong time ago.


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Presale & Offer Codes

View a collection of presale and offer codes for all TM, LN, and AXS events going on presale within the next few days. You can automatically select from available offer codes when you’re on the event page.

Event Tracking & Alerts

Track primary events over time and set alerts so you can get notifications to buy profitable tickets. See how events are selling over time so you have a better idea how tickets may perform on resale.

Secondary Market Sold Data

Easily Track Sold Data for the Secondary Market. Understand what FANS are really buying and how much they’re paying for it! Now covering 98% of sold tickets and most marketplaces!

FLARE: Event and Artist Dashboard

FLARE is unlike any other tool ever released before, it will level the playing field by allowing you to make important data based decisions without needing to study and understand every market in depth.

Top Movers Dashboard

You can now see the PRIMARY MARKET Top Movers for the past 24 hours. This means which event sold the HIGHEST Total amount of tickets, and the HIGHEST percentage of its total inventory. Additionally a “Sold Out” Tab is also availible to Enteprise members.

Secondary Price Alerts

Easily find underpriced tickets for any event or stay up to date on how the pricing is moving for a specific market. This tool has a multitude of profitable applications for those who will use it wisely!




Ticketflipping Chat Access

Join our Slack Group Chat where you can ask us questions directly and also get insights from other Ticket Flipping Members.


  • Inside Access: Communicate with other professional ticket brokers in order to stay on the burning edge of what strategies are working and how the market is shifting.
  • ​Keep In Touch: Talk with all Ticketflipping Members and Admins from your smartphone anytime, all the time!
  • High Level Peers: With each membership tier you get access to a new chat, making sure you can always talk with brokers on your level.

Ticketflipping Training Archive

Our Training Archive is filled with all of the information and training you need to excel as a ticket broker.


  • POS Rates and Percentages: Compare the rates of your point of sale options so that you can choose the best options for you.
  • Season Ticket Methods: Learn to capitalize on season ticket opportunities to drive profit.
  • ​Data Driven Event Research: Make educated decisions on ticket purchases using our data driven research.

Leading Industry Tools

We’ll show you the best ticketing services to use for reselling:

  • ​Lysted
  • ​Automatiq
  • 1Ticket
  • ​… and more!

Exclusive Web Browser

Clean GEO based Proxy IPs and Ticketing Account Manager:

  • ​Built for the Ticket Industry
  • ​Clean Proxy IPs Included
  • Account Managment
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FLARE Event Dashboard

Predictive AI Event Score

Save and Track any Event Overtime

Get alerts for tickets you track

Graph of ticket history

Get Expert event Recommendations

Join a network of Ticket Resellers

Access detailed training content