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  How Does Ticket Resale Work?

Ticket Brokers earn money by buying Tickets for events that will sell out. Once the event sells out, the tickets are easily resold online for a higher price then what you paid and you make money.

The Benefits and Advantages of Becoming a Ticketflipping Member

Weekly Market Predictions (Sun-Thurs) Sent Directly to you about which events you should be considering buying tickets to. 

Access to hundreds of Video Training and Written Training Guides that will help you select your own shows and give you a Competitive Advantage over anyone else.

The ability to ask professional Ticket Brokers any question you may have about how to personally buy and sell your tickets so that you always know exactly what you are doing. 

Trail access to our advanced Software tools that help you find and resell profitable tickets. 



For New Brokers looking for Video and Training Guides

 ✔️ 3 Toolbox features daily uses

✔️ Written Training Guides

✔️ Video Training 

✔️ Premium Member Chat

✔️ Market Notifications

Includes: Analytics Software Trail (Limited)




For New Brokers looking for Training and Ticket Insights

✔️ 45 Toolbox features daily uses

✔️ Written Training Guides

✔️ Video Training 

✔️ Premium + Pro Member Chat

✔️ Market Notifications 

Includes: Ticket Counter Automation and Other Software Tools, No -Drop Checker or Ticket Alerts

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Check out what one of our members had to say about the Slack Group: 

$3000 within the first 20 days of October simply Reselling Tickets


Slack Private Messaging Group (Being Called "BEST New Tool by Members")

Talk with all Ticketflipping Members and Admins from your smartphone anytime, all the time! 

1. Get all your questions answered about specific events and general knowledge

2. Discuss Just Released Events and which venues are the best to buy for

3. Discuss Pricing to maximize sales and profits

4. Learn about new potential tickets from other members and their niches

5. More market Predictions! (BONUS)

For Just $49 Per Month You Get:

A Premium Membership from where we teach you everything from

A-Z on how to choose, buy, and resell Tickets.



Ticket Evaluation Checklist

Run through our ticket evaluation checklist to ensure your event will sell out and never make a bad investment again.



Extensive Video Archive

Complete video training with step by step explanations covering the process of buying and reselling tickets



Advanced Seat Pulling Guide

How to buy the best seats in the venue. Know what tickets to look out for and which ones to avoid



Value and Demand Explanation

Learn how much your tickets are worth and when to sell them to maximize your profit every time



How to Find Tickets

Never miss a profitable show again. Learn easy methods to find shows to invest in



Market Predictions

Get access to our weekly market predictions. We report on popular events so you can buy tickets before it sells out

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Beginner Friendly

You can start with no knowledge of the ticket resale market. We will take you from 0 to 100 and make sure you know the ins and outs of flipping tickets. We will begin from the ground up before diving into advanced ticket seller insights. 


Learn Which Tickets to Buy

Find out how to get the best tickets ahead of time. Blast off with even higher returns on the tickets you buy. Learn all the factors you should consider before buying so that you are confident when purchasing tickets. 



Make Easy Side Income

Of course the main reason you are joining us is to make some money. And that's exactly what ticket flipping will teach you. Reselling tickets takes minimal effort and almost no commitment. Buy good tickets, wait, and resell for profit. You don't need to do anything besides become informed.


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Learn from Experts

Learn how to buy and resell tickets from people who have Actually Made Money. Avoid wasting time by trying to learn everything by trail and error. Learn tactics to use that actually make you money. We have spent years selling tickets learning the important information in this course.



Join The Resellers Community

Talk to and interact with hundreds of other ticket sellers to see what tickets they are buying and selling. Come together to learn along with other ticket brokers while gaining insights from those making thousands every week.



Stay ahead of the Game

We are constantly updating Ticketflipping with new information. Stay up to date on any new uprising artist and shows. We have partnered with professional sports ticket-brokers recently so we can keep our premium members informed with the latest information on how and where they should be buying. 


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