• Where to Sell Tickets After You Buy Them?

    Where to Sell Tickets After You Buy Them?

    So you bought some tickets from Ticketmaster, now you have some PDF tickets downloaded on your computer. And then something comes up and you can't go to the concert,show, game, whatever. So what do you do?   How do you get rid of those tickets so they don't go to waist. Because if you don't...Read More »
  • How to Resell Tickets Online: Sports

    How to Resell Tickets Online: Sports

      Sell your Tickets by going to, click sell tickets, look up your event, upload your PDF, select a price, and list your ticket for resale.  Even the most devout fans can’t make it to all 41 NBA or NHL home games or all 81 MLB games. Rather than wasting a ticket, season ticket...Read More »
  •   Venue Breakdown: Madison Square Garden NHL (Rangers Tickets).   Available to EVERYONE.  In this prediction we cover the game of pulling seats at large sporting events, specifically for the current NHL season. We are working on a Sports Tickets Course, and this is a taste of more to come! Get ready for expert advice...Read More »
  • How to Avoid Losses: What to do if your tickets aren’t selling.

    How to Avoid Losses: What to do if your tickets aren’t selling.

    Ticket resale is one of the most secure and predictable markets to work with. Tracking demand is made possible by the huge amount of data available. Venue size, date, city, artist popularity are all data points that should be carefully examined for any particular show.     But, like any other market, there is the...Read More »
  • How To “Scalp” Tickets Online – The Easy Way

    How To “Scalp” Tickets Online – The Easy Way

    A common question we get asked all the time: How do I 'scalp' tickets online?   Buy tickets when they are first released from, sell them on for a higher price.   Some people think ticket scalping has a negative connotation associated to it. The word scalping has its origins in the stock...Read More »
  • How To Make Money Reselling Tickets For Profit

    How To Make Money Reselling Tickets For Profit

      Here is a simple breakdown of how it works: 1. Buy Tickets on Ticket Master 2. Upload those PDF Tickets to Stubhub 3. Sell them for a higher price than you paid.    That's it, only 3 Basic Steps.  Now here is where is where it gets interesting... To sell those tickets for more,...Read More »
  • Understanding Demand & Value Curves – General Admission

    Understanding Demand & Value Curves – General Admission

      Demand for General Admission shows is highest at the initial Onsale - all the dedicated fans hop on to grab tickets. For extremely hot tickets, this wave of demand will actually sell out the entire show immediately (these are the shows we are optimally looking for!). For example Future’s Purple Reign Tour sold out...Read More »
  • How to go to Bonnaroo for Free!

    How to go to Bonnaroo for Free!

      Bonnaroo 2017’s lineup is stacked. With artist like Travis Scott and Red Hot Chill Peppers everyone wants to go, but not everyone has the money. There are a few ways to go to Bonnaroo with out spending a 400 dollars on a ticket. These methods work for other big music festivals like Coachella as...Read More »
  • Sell Concert Tickets Last Minute

    Sell Concert Tickets Last Minute

    Have you ever bought tickets for a show, concert, or sporting event, and then something came up and you could no longer attend the event? I'm sure in that moment when you realized that you couldn't go you realized that you wasted money on the ticket which will be completely useless after the day of...Read More »
  • Introducing Market Predictions

    Introducing Market Predictions

      Ticket Flipping is buying tickets for cheap, and once they show sells out, we sell them for large profits. The toughest part ticket brokering is finding profitable shows consistently. This is why we now have a portion of our site that tells you exactly what shows will be selling out in upcoming months. We come out with 4 Market...Read More »
  • Can I Make $100,000+ Per Year?

    Can I Make $100,000+ Per Year?

      A question we get all the time is: How much money can I make reselling tickets?   Here's the truth.   There is only one person that can answer that question, and that is you. There is no magic formula that is going to give you a million dollars without putting in any work. The...Read More »
  • How to Avoid Common Mistakes of the Game

    How to Avoid Common Mistakes of the Game

    This post covers some common mistakes made by beginner ticket brokers, and how you can easily avoid them. This is basic information to experienced brokers, but is always important to keep in mind and is especially useful for newer ticket brokers.   When purchasing tickets, be sure to know how you will receive the tickets . When...Read More »
  • Flipping Tickets for a Profit: The Art of Price Leveraging

    Flipping Tickets for a Profit: The Art of Price Leveraging

    To make a lot of money you must use the proper tools to give yourself any advantage you can, simply trudging away doing the same thing will keep you in the same place forever. And guess what the first tool is explained right here below!      It may come as surprise to many of...Read More »
  • The Price Alert Feature

    The Price Alert Feature

    Price Alerts are a Feature that is available via the stub hub application.   People who do not know about the money to be made off flipping tickets will list their concert tickets for extremely low price. So for a show that is sold out, you can set a price alert through some 3rd party...Read More »
  • Is 1Ticket for you?

    Is 1Ticket for you? is a website that sells a service that will take your reselling game to a whole new level. This service essentially allows you to move large volumes of tickets with much less work. How the 1ticket website works is that you upload any number of PDF tickets to a POS (point of sale)...Read More »
  • Pulling Seats Guide

    Pulling Seats Guide

    When buying tickets for an event that it is seated, it is key to choose carefully. Where the seats are located determines how large profits will be. This is just one piece of our in-depth guide and training on how to be a ticket broker. This piece of content has been released to the public, so...Read More »
  • How Much Should You Invest?

    How Much Should You Invest?

          When entering the arena of buying and selling tickets you have to decide what kind of risk you want to take on and what kind of money you are willing to spend upfront. With the information we have in our guide you can feel confident in the tickets you buy.   The...Read More »
  • Consider Buying These Tickets

    Consider Buying These Tickets

    Check it out: Alessia Cara: Know-It-All Tour Part II Alessia Cara is blowing up right now. Youtube her and I’m sure you will have heard some of her songs on the radio (They are pretty catchy :P). I saw that she just announced her tour recently so I decided to do some research about her...Read More »
  • Secret Bassnectar Show in Atlanta

    Secret Bassnectar Show in Atlanta

    Hello! We recently found out about some incredible tickets. Bassnectar announced a two day show in Atlanta on September 9th and 10th. We were able to pull some general admission tickets from the presale as well as onsale tickets.   If you visit their website you can see that they even say the show will...Read More »
  • TicketFlipping: The Easy Stock Market

    TicketFlipping: The Easy Stock Market

    Buying and trading stocks and bonds is a very difficult and risky activity. This is why teach how to flip tickets instead; which is essentially a stock market with much lower risk. With proper research the ticket markets are easily predictable. provides you the knowledge on how to start earning money as an investor!     When...Read More »
  • Delicious Profits Thanks to Future Tickets

    Delicious Profits Thanks to Future Tickets

    A 192% ROI for holding these tickets for 2 months? Nice.     Future Hendrix, a rapper who is very popular right now announced a tour a couple of months ago. Some of his shows sold out minutes after going on sale, and eventually all of his shows sold out. Future's songs are described to...Read More »
  • What would YOU go to?

    What would YOU go to?

    When buying tickets it is really important to have a good statistical understanding of the show you are considering. It is vital to to know the numbers such as venue size, location, day, etc... but it there's something more that should be taken into account; what would you actually go to?    Whether a music...Read More »
  • Basslights Tickets

    Basslights Tickets

    Basslights is a two night edm festival featuring Bassnectar and Pretty Lights which is held in mid December. It is held in Hampton, VA at the Hampton Colosseum which holds nearly 10,000 people. Tickets go on sale in early November.   Basslights tickets are some of the best tickets you could possibly flip.     Why is that?   Pretty...Read More »