We've recently unveiled the newest version of our Ticketflipping Toolbox 2.0 to our members and people love it!

So what is The Ticketflipping Toolbox? It is the most advanced ticket analytics tool that gives you data and information to help you find and track highly valuable tickets. We built this tool to help ourselves as brokers track events, see how they are selling, and make confident decisions when we choose to buy a ticket.

The Toolbox is chrome plugin which you can download from the chrome app store. The plugin activates when you go to any Ticketmaster or Livenation event pages. You can then favorite events and save them. This will automatically start to track that event and save how many tickets there remaining every 30 minutes. You can then go back and look over this information and see how fast an event is selling tickets.

In this image we can see (Event):

  • 2000 Total Tickets
  • 949 Tickets Remaining
  • Selling about 20 Tickets per day (Based on the Toolbox Data)
  • 120 days left before and event

Knowing this information we can do a bit of simple math: 

  • 949/20 gives us 47.5 Days until the event sells out.
  • 120 Days - 47.5 Days = 72.5 Days Extra after the event sells out!

This means this event is most likely to sell out and sell for more on secondary markets like Stubhub.

With the newest version of the Toolbox you can also set Low Ticket Alerts:

This means that the Toolbox will send you a notification when tickets reach a certain amount. For this Maggie Rogers event, I have set my Low Ticket Alert for 100. When the remaining amount of tickets get below 100, I will receive a message with the event information the remaining amount of Tickets. I can decide if I want to go ahead and buy tickets for this event.

This is an entirely General Admission event, if it were an event with Seats, I can set a low ticket alerts for specific sections. This way I can keep track of specific zones and sections.

The Quick Stubhub access feature that comes with our plugin has this information:

 StubHub event information:Total tickets: 126
Total listings: 18
Minimum price: 44.67USD
Maximum price: 104.32USD
Sale transactions: 2
Last sold ticket price: 44.65USD
Last sold ticket date: 2018-11-05

This is showing us that there are already a few tickets on Stubhub which are priced from $44-$104 per ticket.

This means that other brokers expect this event to be worth up to $104 per ticket eventually:

If you were to buy 16 tickets right now at $30 it would look something like this:

Buy: 16 Tickets x $40 (after fees) = $640.00 Invested dollars

Sell: 16 Tickets x $100 (after fees) = $1600.00 revenue

This means a potential profit of $960.00 on just one event. Remember you will have to wait anywhere from 1-4 months to make that sale. So selling earlier for cheaper and buying tickets again may be a better decision in terms of bankroll management. (Link to Video Training)

This of course is just a theoretical scenario and nobody can 100% guarantee your tickets will sell like this, but this is entirely possible and we have seen events sell like this in the past.

To learn how you can find more events to buys and use the Toolbox for event research, check out our other detailed explanation and video on The Ticket Buying Process.

This is just one way example of how you can use the Ticketflipping Toolbox low ticket alerts to help you really find those sell out events you can sell for a profit.

In our next post I will explain the Drop Checker feature of the Toolbox and how you can use it to find added inventory for highly demanded seats.


To get access to the Toolbox click the link below!


Toolbox 2.0