Learn about the general process of deciding to buy tickets and going forward and actually buying tickets.

This is a longer format video meant to give you a better overall understanding of buying tickets. In th video I will be using the Ticketflipping Toolbox features to sort events and check remaining Ticketmaster tickets, total Stubhub tickets, and other information. This will help me make more informed buys. 

This video will be very helpful for anyone looking to get a better understanding of what actually happens when you are buying tickets. I will be covering aspects of what to keep in mind such as:

  • Day of the Week
  • Type of Ticket Delivery
  • Ticket Delivery Delay
  • Venue size
  • City size
  • Artist Hometown
  • Section Price Breaks
  • Remaining Tickets before amounts before an event
  • Selling Pace of An event
  • Much more.

This will help you understand the variety but also the connections between all aspects that can make a sell out event.

You must consider everything together from the perspective of a fan and you will have a much easier time picking good events. 

Toolbox Introductory Broker Webinar