Ticket Flipping is buying tickets for cheap, and once they show sells out, we sell them for large profits. The toughest part ticket brokering is finding profitable shows consistently. This is why we now have a portion of our site that tells you exactly what shows will be selling out in upcoming months. We come out with 4 Market Predictions a month and each one has high return on investments.

For example one of our Market Predictions was for an Artist called Louis the Child. We release a chart with every date on his tour and highlight the shows that will be profitable. One of our members sent us these pictures showing us the success he had with our prediction.

You can see that he invested 63.96 dollars and sold them for a total of 120.94

That it is an ROI of 89%

We have made the ticket flipping  process very easy for our members. We do all of the hard work researching events ourselves, and then create new market predictions including specific shows that would be good investments for our members. A membership is 15 dollars, but we teach you how to earn a reliable scalable income with ease!

Our goal is to make a Ticket Flipping membership as valuable as possible!