As the saying goes “it’s the man with the best information that ultimately wins” and we have found that to be true. In this quick article we will cover why ticket broker predictions are useful, not only for new brokers, but even for those with years of experience.


Ticket Sales and Software Manager, Ticketflipping.com

Ticket broker predictions are a useful addition to any ticket sellers sources of information. Having sold well over 20 million dollars in tickets in the past 10 years, the Ticketflipping team has become highly efficient and effective at finding the best tickets to target.

There are thousands of events going on sale every week. Our mission is to sort through all of those events quickly to find the best events on the market.

For us it is important that we look at ALL of the events.

Lots of ticket sellers naturally get accustomed to flipping tickets within one genre of music, one state or city, but there are an endless amount of events going on sale in the US every single day.

We believe that the best method is to quickly sort through thousands of event and allow our unique algorithm to bring the top 100 events to the top.

We then dig deeper into all of these events by understanding all the basic numbers such as the venue size, the ticket prices, and the current metrics around the artist or performer.

Combining all of this together allows us to consistently send out ticket broker predictions every single week from Sunday-Thursday; the night prior to the event presale day.

We are very conservative with our ticket broker predictions, our goal is to make sure the events we recommend continue to perform around 95% success rate.

You can make money with almost every event if you know what seats to buy and how get the best pricing, which we teach to our members. You can learn how to evaluate tickets yourself by enrolling for the Ticket Broker Course.

On the other hand, our goal is to provide a steady stream of confident buying recommendations for new brokers just getting into ticket sales or even expert resellers trying to expand the kind of events and tickets you’re used to buying.