What is a White Label?

‘White Label’ ticket platforms (sometimes referred to as private label), allow you to sell tickets for live events under your own brand, by providing you with a website design and catalog of event tickets to sell to consumers.

White Label ticketing systems provide you with a website to sell a large selection of tickets available from many marketplaces and large ticket businesses, whom broadcast their tickets onto your website for you to sell. All the support and fulfillment of ticket sales are handled by white label ticketing software, so you never have to worry about the fulfillment of tickets – you can focus on marketing your site and getting more sales.

Why Should I Care About a White Label Site? 

If you have some experience with online marketing and sales, building a white label site could be a great opportunity for a steady passive income source. Also, if you already have an existing brand, adding a white label site to sell tickets could be an easy way to start another income source for your business.

We will go over some of the white label options you have to choose from, as well as some effecient methods on how to create your own ticket selling site.

How Does a White Label Ticketing System Work?

First, you connect your domain to the white label tickets tool – The entire design, layout, and tickets are provided through the white label tickets platform. You are able to choose what types of shows and events you have listed, descriptions on your main pages, and some content customization beyond that. You are also able to choose the markup for your website, so you can decide the fees you collect from customers on top of the standard resale price.

White label tickets platforms are integrated with the major ticket marketplaces which provides the inventory for you to sell on your own website. Whenever a ticket sells on your site, the white label ticketing system handles fulfilling the ticket between the marketplace and the buyer, ensuring a smooth service.

Options For White Label Ticket Providers:

Here’s a breakdown of some of the best options you have to choose for building your white label event tickets website:

TicketCMS (ATBShttps://ticketcms.com/) is one of the most professional and well respected Private Label providers. They make it easy to get your Private Label site up and running – and have lots of great ticket inventory readily available for you to see from Ticketnetwork, Ticketevolution, and more. The only downside with this option is the setup fee can be quite steep for some people.

Ticketnetwork (http://tnprivatelabel.com) – This is another great option and one of the largest White Label Networks, as many Ticket Selling Labels across the internet are built on Ticketnetwork’s White Label system. To get started with TN Private Label you just need to apply on their website. Setting up a Ticket Network white label site is a more reasonable than using ATBS, however you will just have access to Ticketnetwork inventory to sell on your site.

TicketSocket (https://www.ticketsocket.com/) – TicketSocket is another white label startup that is setup for secondary ticket resellers, but also primary tickets for festivals, venues, and artists.

Strategies For Growing Your Site’s Sales

PPC Ads – Such as Google Adwords, Facebook, or Instagram. You can create Ad Campaigns for specific events and encourage users to buy tickets from your site. If you find the right niche and refine your Ad Campaign enough, this can be very profitable. The problem is this can get pricey if you run a large Ad Campaign and do not get enough sales to make up for the advertisements.

SEO – Ranking your site for Organic search in Google is a great way to get traffic without spending lots of money on PPC Ads. You can gain customers through Search Engines by Optimizing your website through blogging about events, building links, and sharing your website across the internet.

Social Media – This is another great way to grow your White Label’s website without spending money each time someone clicks on your Ad. If you create a lively and entertaining Facebook/Instagram/ you will naturally attract ticket seekers to your website.

Influencer Marketing – Reach out to existing influencers on social media and pay them to promote your ticket reselling marketplace. The cost of an advertisement from a certain influencer depends on how popular that influencer is, and how much engagement they have. Optimally you want to choose an influencer that has good engagement with their followers, for a reasonable cost. Often you can get more return from these advertisements than the cost, if you choose good influencers with a relevant audience.

Youtube – Creating videos based around certain events and linking them to your White label site is another way to gain traction. Not only will you get traffic from Youtube, but this will also be great for establishing your SEO for Google. Be sure to include lots of related words in your description and keywords.

Keep in mind: If you are just starting your white label event ticketing system, it will take some time to see growth in your traffic and sales. By keeping to a strategy long term to grow your site, you will start to see results and eventually be able build a steady passive income from ticket sales.


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