Ticket resale is a highly lucrative business and there’s a lot of money to be made in finding and selling high quality event tickets. The hard part is finding events that are actually going to not only sell out, but that people are willing to pay more for to buy. These high value tickets are what we at Ticketflipping are always on the lookout for.

Ticketflipping Ticket Broker Software Includes:

  • Toolbox: 8 Ticket Marketplace Counters (check remaining tickets)

  • 98% of all secondary market sales data (exact date, pricing, and seats)

  • Low ticket and added tickets alerts. (Get notified when few tickets are remaining or when more tickets are added or dropped for any event on Ticketmaster or Livenation)

  • FLARE: Full Live event analytics. Understand how an event will sell based on the amount of active fans there are in any city! (Predictive analytics so you know how well an event will sell!)

To make things a bit easier, we have developed some ticket broker software that will help brokers find better tickets to sell on their ticket POS (point of sale) systems. Our proprietary and innovative software will help you collect real time statistics about ticket volume of sales, whether, sold or selling by date for any event.

Using ticket sales software will give you that upper hand advantage in finding those lesser known events, some that many brokers may completely ignore. Having e ticket software will give you the confidence based on real-time statistical data on the events you bought for.

To learn more about our ticket broker software visit the Ticketflipping Toolbox and learn about the Premium, Pro, and Expert and Enterprise Levels of membership, which give you fulltime access to the ticket brokering software – the Toolbox, with a specific amount of online ticket sales software usage per day based on your membership level.

The ticket sales software we have created will give you information for tickets on Stubhub and Ticketmaster. The two main ticket websites. We have also created ticket selling software and inventory checking tools for 8 marketplaces in total.

Having ticket data on the amount of tickets remaining and the pricing breakdown per section will allow you to make informed decisions on exactly what rows you want to focus your attention on. Furthermore, online ticket sales software is useful because it allows you to out compete other brokers who are not informed of such useful software.


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