As ticket brokers ourselves, our goal at Ticketflipping has always been simple:

Provide ticket brokers with the information they need at every step of the way.”

With that in mind, the short article below explains how our group got started, how to join, and what you can expect on the inside.


Ticket Sales and Software Manager, Ticketflipping.com

Get started with the original and best Ticket Reselling Group!

In 2015, we at Ticketflipping created the original ticket flipping group. This ticket resale team has become the most engaging broker discussion group in the entire ticket resale industry.

Interestingly enough, until 2015, reselling tickets was always referred to as “Ticket Reselling” or “Ticket Brokering”, only after we created Ticketflipping.com and released our initial training course and members group (as a ticket broker forum!) did Ticket Flipping become the overwhelmingly common term to describe ticket reselling online!

Having helped over 3000 people start their own ticket reselling business, we’ve learned a few things along the way, from exactly what works… to what doesn’t!

ticket reselling group Ticketflipping

Ticketflipping group meetup at the World Ticket Conference Event in Las Vegas 2019

Every summer there is a massive meetup of hundreds of ticket brokers and sell around the United States in Las Vegas. The event is hosted by World Ticket Conference. It is a great place to meet and network with others to grow. There are brokers doing millions in monthly sales and it’s interesting to learn from! This was a few of the members in our ticket reselling group!

Shortly after creating and course and ticket flipping group we unveiled the original ticket counter along with other top tier software tools used daily by advanced and upcoming brokers. These tools helped new ticket sellers have a tremendous advantage over other seller by allowing them to see how many tickets were remaining across ticket marketplaces.

Now these tools are an industry standard, and the Ticketflipping group is more important than ever.

Our membership is an all inclusive ticket brokering solution to help you build a successful ticket reselling business.

Included in the Ticketflipping Membership:

  • Ticket Reselling Broker Discussion Group
  • Toolbox Ticket Counter (Ticket Inventory Monitoring on 8 Marketplaces)
  • FLARE: Presale and Event Discovery list with predictive analytics and Artist information and trends.
  • Broker Training Course on the most common issues brokers face. (Waiting rooms etc…)

The Ticketflipping Full Coverage Promise

How do we do it?

01: Know how an event will perform ahead of time with our EVENT SCORE

  • Find Events: With the live event analytics platform, Flare, you can easily sort events by their likelihood to sell quickly. We compare the amount of active fans to the amount of ticket available in that city, so you can always know what tickets to buy ahead of time!

02: Track how many Tickets are remaining on any Marketplace

  • Buying Events: With our simple ticket counter, you can see how many tickets are remaining on any of the 8 major marketplaces. This way you can decide when to buy tickets and understand how quickly tickets are selling.

03: Get detailed breakdowns of exact sales on secondary markets so you know how to price!

  • After Buying: See exactly what tickets fans are buying on the major ticket resale sites such a Stubhub, Vividseats, and other. One of the most valuable tools for all brokers to have.

Ticket resale is currently one of the most lucrative and quickly growing online resale businesses. Having the right ticket resale group on your side to help you, not only find the best tickets, but also avoid the most common ticket reselling mistakes.

In the Ticketflipping ticket resale team members group we cover all of the major ticket reselling tips you need to be aware of. The included video training course will cover the majority of questions you may have, such as payment timing, using different Point of Sales (POS) to list tickets, and everything else can be answered by expert Ticketflipping Mods or other brokers in our ticket resale group.

During covid we allowed our members to remain in the group, and now moving into summer of 2022, the group is growing quickly and we’ve seen new members having  more success than ever before.

The ticket reselling group is currently open but we will be limiting the group size in the near future.

Look forward to having you on board, you can select to join us below!