As a result of the global pandemic, most ticket marketplaces have changed their payment timings to after the event has occurred.

Payment timing is very important for ticket brokering because it directly impacts your cash flow as a reseller.

This meant that brokers trying to flip their tickets now had to wait until after the event to get their money and profits out from a single event. Simply put this locked up cash for many months that could be reinvested many time over during that time period.

When it comes to effectively scaling a ticket brokering business, time really is money.

With that in mind we have created a list of all major Ticket Marketplaces so you can understand where to buy and sell your tickets.

Major Marketplaces

  • Ticketmaster: If you are in good standing (no outstanding balances from cancelled orders), payment will be made after the event plays off. Subject to change, but those are the current terms. - UPDATE 5/7/2021 ALL EVENTS AFTER JULY PAID ON DELIVERY!

  • Stubhub: After the event date.

  • Vividseats: UPDATE 5/7/2021 7 Days after Delivery of Tickets

  • Seat Geek: All sales are currently paid after the event occurs, with the exception of Sporting events which are currently Pay on Delivery. Orders for sporting events are paid the week following their fulfillment, while all other orders for non-sports events are paid after the event.

  • Ticket network: For brokers not on our POS (Point of Sale) but in good standing, meaning they don’t owe us money, the terms are post-delivery for events after 7/1.

  • Tickpick: Pay on delivery of Tickets.

  • Viagogo: Pay after event date.

  • Ticket Evolution: Pay on Ticket Delivery.

  • Gametime: Pay on Ticket Delivery.


Major Point of Sales (POS)

  • Drew's Tickets: On event completion

  • DTI Consignment: 2 Weeks payout schedule after sales.

  • Logitix: Upon ticket delivery

  • Skybox: 2 weeks after tickets are sold.


Some quick takeaways from this information are to list and sell on any platform that pays upon delivery! We are hopeful to see all marketplaces return to this gold standard.

We will continuously update this information with the most recent and up to date information.