Investing is having your money work for you. With ticket reselling you can have lower risks, much higher monthly gains (20%+) and with better consistency!

Buying and trading stocks and bonds is a very difficult and risky activity. This is why teach how to flip tickets instead; which is essentially a stock market with much lower risk. With proper research the ticket markets are easily predictable. provides you the knowledge on how to start earning money as an investor!

When you buy a ticket you are buying a part of show. That is, you are buying the right to attend the show or a particular seat. In much the same way, when you buy stock, you are buying a part of a company. Companies change in value and the price of stocks can go up and down based on the company's earnings and a variety of other factors. Luckily for us flipping tickets is a lot simpler.


The value of tickets is based on different factors such as, venue, artist, etc... more of which you can learn about in the buying section of our guide. One major factor in ticket flipping is the existence of a deadline which is the day of the event. The actually show is something that is consumed once and is gone forever, therefore, this time constraint causes a scarcity or a limitation on the ticket which increases in value. This a basic principle of economics which is based on supply and demand. As the deadline approaches and tickets sellout, the supply goes down, and the demand increases.


Our job as ticket Brokers is to catch ticket value at its highest point and sell then, so that profits are maximized. In the same way people buy and sell stocks to make a profit, we teach you how to buy and sell on the ticket markets.