We recently found out about some incredible tickets. Bassnectar announced a two day show in Atlanta on September 9th and 10th. We were able to pull some general admission tickets from the presale as well as onsale tickets.


If you visit their website you can see that they even say the show will sell out fast. We found out about the show from online email received from Bassnectar.


bassnectar buffer posts


These onsale tickets sold out within 20 minutes. There were so many people trying to purchase these tickets that the website even began to lag and crashed a few times. We were able to buy around 20 tickets for $113 per ticket. Within 30 minutes the price was $200 dollars on stubhub. We sold 2 of the tickets for a profit of $87 x 2 = $174 dollars in under 30 minutes with barely any effort. That is the magic of ticket flipping. If you have the knowledge you have the leverage and don’t need to do much.


We still have 18 of these tickets and the price on stubhub as of 7/12/2016 is $185. The price is slowly moving around, but with 2 months left until the show, the price can only rise. Using the stubhub help me price option we know that right now there are only 198 total tickets remaining. With this information and based on the size of a show like this, we can confidently say that price of these tickets may rise to around $300. This means we could potentially make a profit of $3366 from our remaining 18 tickets. With about 30 minutes you can make $3366 had you bought these same tickets. 


Keep in mind that this is just one show, we have many more tickets we are currently selling. Once you buy into a few concerts you can have at least one show that is always about to sell out so the money is consistent. To find out where to find the right tickets and how to resell them get access to our detailed Guide.


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