Sell your Tickets by going to, click sell tickets, look up your event, upload your PDF, select a price, and list your ticket for resale.

Even the most devout fans can’t make it to all 41 NBA or NHL home games or all 81 MLB games. Rather than wasting a ticket, season ticket holders can recoup some of their costs by selling their tickets on the resale market.  - Chris Tsakalakis (President of


Find out exactly how to resell your tickets for a game. If they are season tickets or even if you can't make it to the game, selling the ticket online is your best option. Many time fans can't make it to the game so its better to sell the ticket rather then lose the money and prevent others from going!

Here at Ticketflipping we are always looking for better and better ways to help our members resell their tickets and make a profit doing so. We have recently partnered with advanced brokers who have done $400,000 worth of ticket resale in 2016 alone!

We are going to be increasing our focus on sporting events and have recently added sports to our members guide.

In this section of our guide you can expect to find in depth information on:

  1. Reselling Season Tickets
  2. NBA, NHL, MLB ticket resale Information
  3. Market Breakdown 
  4. Predicting winning teams 
  5. How to make huge earning on just one game
  6. How to safely buy bulk ticket amounts (50+ tickets)

This is just some of the information we will be offering to our Premium Members. 

Free Video Training can be found here: Madison Square Garden Venue Breakdown