When buying tickets for an event that it is seated, it is key to choose carefully. Where the seats are located determines how large profits will be. This is just one piece of our in-depth guide and training on how to be a ticket broker. This piece of content has been released to the public, so that non members, can see the high caliber of ticket broker information we provide on a monthly basis. There are several things you want to keep in mind when pulling seats in a venue or arena.





Look for the highest value seats

‌• The front sections are not always most profitable

‌• Look for front row seats in each price section

‌• Do not buy tickets in the back row of a section


Get in early

‌• Get in on the presale to get cheaper prices

‌• There will naturally be more seats closer to the Onsale date

‌• The highest demand for seated tickets are at the Onsale date

‌• Demand slowly drop until closer to the concert when people buy tickets last minute


Get familiar with the venue

‌• Study the seating chart

‌• Look for price breaks

‌• Be aware of all different priced sections


After taking all of this information into account your should have a better idea of what the highest value tickets in the venue are. When you buy these tickets, make sure to always buy a pair! You may want to buy a pair of tickets in different sections to diversify your investment.

Once you buy your tickets it is best to download and list your tickets immediately. People who are excited to see the concert will be looking online to find tickets right away!

I hope that you gained knowledge from this video and can make a more conscious decision the next time you buy seats inside a venue. Good luck flipping!