Price Alerts are a Feature that is available via the stub hub application.


price-alert-picPeople who do not know about the money to be made off flipping tickets will list their concert tickets for extremely low price. So for a show that is sold out, you can set a price alert through some 3rd party ticket sellers.  When a ticket is listed below a certain price (a price that you choose) you will be notified via email and notifications on your phone. Then you can quickly buy those tickets and resist them for higher. Frequently you can find tickets for way less than most sellers are asking. For this method of flipping tickets, it is important you act quickly. If to pause and think concert goers are who have price alerted the event will scoop those tickets up. When someone puts their tickets up for cheap they will sell quickly. I have used this method in the past to make serious profits.


So, set a price alert, and when you receive the notification act very quickly. So get out there and set some price alerts for already sold out shows. The more price alerts you set, the higher your chances of making some very quick cash will be.

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