NHL First Round Playoff Recap

April 23, 2018 Dean

Hey guys! What an exciting round of 1st round  NHL action we saw. Here are some interesting points we noticed from monitoring the first round markets:

Vegas Golden Knights: They definitely continued to live up to all the hype. We saw get in prices for game 1 was averaging $170-$200 while the get-ins for game 2 were a hard  $200+ dollars.

Devils: I don't think anyone could have predicted how high the get in would be for home game 2 series game 4. Get in price eventually peaked at  $170. A few days before there were plenty of tickets on the resale  market available for  $70-$80.

Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets: No Surprise here as we saw get-ins for these hockey crazed cities of Toronto and Winnipeg start at $200+ dollars for all games.

Philadelphia Flyers: The Sunday April 15th game saw get in prices of $160+  for tickets. When the playoff schedule was released there were plenty of tickets available on the primary market in the $70 to 480 price point for this game.

Boston Bruins: Should the Leafs take the series to a game 7 get in- prices are currently at $175 for this game much higher than the bruins average $90 get-ins.