Hey Everyone!

With regards to the NBA Finals lets hope this is the last year we ever have a Golden state and Cavs final. There markets were very pathetic this year. The Cavs market was averaging $220-$275 for a get in ticket and Golden state only saw $350-$500
get-ins. To give you an idea of  what prices could have been had Houston beat Golden state and made it the Nba finals... We were looking at  get-in prices averaging  $750- $1,000 for most games.

For any broker holding tickets for the NHL finals there may have been some disappointment due to The series only lasting 5 games with no home team having the opportunity to clinch the cup at home.

Vegas Market: Market was very strong for game 1 as get in prices were ranging from $850- $1,000. For game 2 market was not as strong as game 1 but still stayed in the $750 plus range. After Vegas lost 2 straight we saw prices drop down substantially for game 5 as there was no longer an opportunity for Vegas to clinch at home.

Capitals: Overall we we saw much stronger markets for the Capitals as get
in prices for game 1 and 2 were averaging $1,200- to $1,300 plus dollars. These get in prices could definitely be attributed to the fact that the Caps had not won a cup in 40 years.

Lastly, had there been a game 6 in D.C we could have seen record breaking get-ins. The market for a potential game 6 in dc was $1,950 at puck drop of game 5. Should Vegas have won game 5 you could have expected the market to go $2,250 plus. Who knows what the market could have hit in Vegas for game 7 as get-ins were $1,250 prior to game 5. It would not have been a surprise if the market hit $1,750 to $2,000.

Overall if you had Knights or Caps tickets you definitely made a nice profit but at the same time was a let down due to such a short series...