A common question we get asked all the time: How do I 'scalp' tickets online?

Buy tickets when they are first released from Ticketmaster.com, sell them on Stubhub.com for a higher price.

Some people think ticket scalping has a negative connotation associated to it. The word scalping has its origins in the stock market. Investors who trade very often, every day, are called day-traders. They make money buying and reselling stocks because they believe small changes in a stock price is easier to predict than larger moves. Therefore, they trade often and in small amounts which makes them small profits repeatedly. Traders who implement this strategy are refereed to as scalpers.

How to 'Scalp' tickets (online) is a similar process. As mentioned above, all you have to do is buy tickets and resell them for a higher price. The harder thing to do is select which tickets to buy exactly. Selecting a show that will sell out is the most important factor of being successful with online ticket scalping. In order to scalp, or take a little bit of gain on the ticket scalping economics, you need to ensure the price increases.

Knowing which tickets will sell out is exactly what we do here at Ticketflipping. We look at hundreds of shows to select which will most likely sell out. By understanding the ticket scalping economics, we examine each shows popularity, venues capacity, location, etc... There are hundreds of factors which can influence how much a show will sell out and how much the tickets will increase in price. If you want to learn how select these tickets check out this in depth training booklet. It is 27 pages and goes in some good detail about ticket brokering: 

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Ticket Scalping, or so its called, is also done to a much greater degree by  Credit Card companies. The purchase tickets to resell back to their existing card holders. So they are taking out enormous amounts of tickets from the general public, therefore increasing prices, and only limiting the events for people who do business with them. 43% of tickets are so called Scalped.

As you can see buying and reselling concert tickets for a profit is normal, common, and legal to do online. Ticket resale brings in millions of dollars in profit. Learning how to scalp tickets could help you make an extra $500-$5000 dollars a month.

We also have a membership where we give you market predictions of shows that will sell out. It costs only as much as one tickets at $24 dollars a month, so you can easily make that back from our training. Read more about making money reselling tickets

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