Looking to make a side income from home is becoming a more common idea as people realize that working from home is here to stay. Whether your goal is to add a couple thousand to your income for a new car, home, vacation, or just security, it is important to select the right business model to help you succeed.

In this article I cover some side income ideas and why explain why ticket reselling is the best passive income side hustle!


Ticket Sales and Software Manager, Ticketflipping.com

Making a side income online can seem daunting at first, but in reality it is a lot simpler than you may think. People who make a couple thousand to many thousands of dollars per month online are not that different from any one of us. 

Making extra money online, or a supplemental income, starts with deciding on one specific business idea and sticking to it.  There are a variety of side income ideas online. For example, selling on Amazon, filling out survey’s, and many more. Many of these methods are definitely real and you can make money doing them, but… they can take a lot of time and work.

The way you can make money online, and the method I will be explaining today is Ticket Reselling. 

Watch this quick video that explains making a side income reselling tickets. 

Ticket reselling is different from many other businesses because it takes very little time to get started. Everything is already setup for you. 

Ticket resellers make money by buying tickets for any event (concert, game, etc…) and reselling it later for more. 

Ticket brokering is similar to any other flipping side income business. Many people resell on ebay, craigslist, etc… but the main advantage of ticket flipping is that you can buy tickets from home and sell them from home, all online. 

Since reselling tickets only requires you to have wifi it is quick to start and you can make anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000 per month in only a few months.

The ticket brokering industry is currently experiencing huge growth as more and more people become aware of how good of a side income this business really is. Ebay resellers, sneaker resellers, and others are flocking to Ticket reselling.

And why are they all turning to ticket brokering? Well because it’s simply easier…

Ticket reselling is all online, you don’t have any physical stuff to buy and ship…etc. All you do is download your Mobile Ticket and then upload it to Stubhub. It is as easy as uploading a photo to social media.

Being on a site called “Ticket Flipping” of course you would expect me to say that Ticket Brokering is the best. But let me explain why I truly believe it is the best method for making money online in 2019, 2020, and so on.

As a Ticket Broker you wake around 9:30 AM and log into Ticketmaster to get ready and buy some presale tickets bright and early. Once you have bought those tickets, you download the mobile tickets and upload it to stubhub. On stubhub you enter your paypal information so you can get paid and then set a price for your tickets. Now you wait until your tickets are purchased for a higher price.

An example of what a quick buy and sell looks like is this:

  1. Bought 8 Billy Joel Floor Tickets for Madison Square Garden in New York for $ 122.5 each ($980 total) on March 10th.
  2. Uploaded to Stubhub the same day and listed them for $250 each.
  3. Sold all 8 tickets April 7th for $250 each coming to $1800 after fees.
  4. Profit: $1800 – $980 = $820 

This is just one example of only one event which made us $820 in under a month. Our goal is to do this as many time per month as we can.

There are ticket resellers who make thousands of dollars per month reselling tickets like this. People such as young entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, truck drivers, you name it. There is someone who is at lunch and at the same time checking their ticket prices to see when they will have their next sale. And when you do get that sale notification pop up on your phone, it is a pretty good feeling without a doubt.

If making a side income is something you would like to start doing, I recommend you try something simple to understand, and that really works.

Lots of ticket brokers, including ourselves at ticketflipping.com, started ticket brokering when we couldn’t make it to a show, and sold the tickets for more then we paid.

We realized at that moment, there is a lot of potential in ticket resale as a side income or simply to make some extra money online.

As we got better at finding events that will sell out, and started buying and selling more and more tickets we made ticket brokering our main business. The good thing about ticket brokering is how scalable it is. The same way we spent $980 and made $1800, we now do the same except with more zeros. Imagine spending $9800 and making $18000. This is 100% possible and we have seen hundreds of brokers grow their business to those numbers in only 5-8 months.

As you can see Ticket reselling is the perfect side income method. It is simple to understand, easy to get started, and there is a lot of flexibility in how much money you can make depending on how many tickets you want to buy.

We started ticketflipping.com to spread the word about this online money making method. It was impossible for us to find any training on how to become a ticket broker back in 2016 besides a short pdf file online. So after being brokers for a few years we decided to make a video training site. On our site we have a bunch of ticket broker training blogs along with some videos you can watch on Youtube.

We also offer a paid members only section. This includes exclusive ticket broker training videos and guides in our step by step course. Members also get daily event recommendations about tickets you can buy. The events we recommend usually sell anywhere from 20%-200% more then what they cost. Access to the training, recommendations, and group chat is $49/m.

When looking for how to make money online or just some extra side income, I couldn’t recommend ticket reselling more. It has worked out very well for me personally, and also the members here at Ticketflipping.com

If you think you’re ready to make money online reselling tickets, I’d recommend you start off by Clicking the link below to get the “The Ultimate Guide to Making a Side Income Online Reselling Tickets” completely free for a Limited Time. This will pretty much cover the fundamentals of Ticket Resale and clear up any questions you might have!