This post covers some common mistakes made by beginner ticket brokers, and how you can easily avoid them. This is basic information to experienced brokers, but is always important to keep in mind and is especially useful for newer ticket brokers.


When purchasing tickets, be sure to know how you will receive the tickets . When buying tickets TicketMaster and similar sites will tell you in what ways you can get your tickets. The 3 common ways to receive tickets are through Electronic Download, Mail, and Will Call.


Make sure that the tickets you are buying have the e-ticket option unless you are okay with recieving them by mail and reshipping them. When you sell physical tickets on Stubhub, they have a custom shipping label for you and shipping is completely free. You must keep in mind you will have to sell your physical tickets further before the show so they can arrive in time.


If you accidently buy tickets through Will Call and cannot pick them up you will have to deal with the hassle of canceling your order. E-tickets are the most efficient tickets to flip and are what we focus on here at Ticket Flipping.


This is a pretty obvious tip, but ticket brokers still have this issue all the time. When selling tickets through multiple third party vendors, make sure to delist the tickets on the other websites immediately when the tickets are first sold. It is important to be proactive with this tip. If you leave tickets up that you have already sold on another website you are causing your self unneeded risk. So make sure to delist tickets on other sites once they have been sold on another site.


Organizing your ticket purchases is key. I reccomend keeping a folder on your desktop with all the tickets you need to sell. When buying lots of concert tickets to resell it is important to stay organized and find your system so it becomes a smooth process. mails from Ticketmaster and stub hub and can cause some confusion on what tickets you need to sell and what tickets you have already sold. Use our ticket broker organizer tool to help stay organized. This is why it is important to organize the tickets you purchase immediately.

When I first became an online ticket broker many years ago, I made the mistake of not selling tickets because I did not organize my purchases properly.


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