The General Admission Mindset

April 28, 2019 Dean

General Admission concert Events are a huge focus for us at Ticketflipping. General Admission events are simple and some of the easiest events to make quick calls. Unlike seated events, GA tickets are all equal (Except for VIP or Pit GA, we'll cover that later). Since GA tickets are all alike you can make easy buying decisions when an event is close to selling out. Tracking event inventory with the TF Toolbox we can see how many tickets are selling for a GA event per day and use that information to see how many days it will take to sell out. With this information we can choose to buy tickets when there are only 50 or so tickets remaining and sell them after they're all gone.

The general admission mindset

When buying tickets for general admission concerts there are many less factors to keep in mind and still guarantee a positive return. You have to approach the ticket buying experience from the customer's point of view. If there is a big show in town such as Billie Eilish or Black Pink that are up and rising stars they will usually have general admission tickets for the front of their stages. These areas are usually packed with their biggest fans who want to get up close and party with the artists.

These are the factors that make General Admission Ticket easier to manage

  1. You do not have to buy seats together and sell together
  2. All tickets are equal and prices rise and fall with the demand
  3. General Admission Tickets do not have obstacles/viewing differences
  4. Good General Admission Tickets usually all sell out evenly for good shows
  5. You don't have to select which seats to buy

General Admission concert are usually more common for artists that have more of a party atmosphere so people can dance but they are often available for a variety of music genres. The best general admission tickets to buy are ones for new artists that are blowing up. These artist usually perform at smaller venues so it increases the likelihood to sell out and due to the general admission venue they are incredibly easy to buy for. With just a bit of research and using some of the resources under the tool section of this guide you can always pick up great tickets and feel confident about making a profit.

These are some of the main points to keep in mind when buying General Admission Venue Tickets

  1. How large is the Venue
  2. How popular is the Artist Currently compared to the venue size
  3. What is the population of the city
  4. Where is the venue located
  5. Is there a lot of buzz about the show on social media

An important key in General Admission tickets and even all ticket resale is to get there first. If you the do the proper research for the artist and venue you ahead of time you can always be first in line to buy them. Some shows sell out incredibly fast and Ticketmaster can lag or crash due to the huge amount of people trying to buy at once. Shows that are really hot often sell out immediately so all you have to do is buy them and list to sell within the next few days. For brokers this is crucial because your money isn't locked up in one event and you can make another buy and sell quickly. There are many occasions where we buy tickets during presale and resell them only 30 minutes after for hundreds dollars in profit per ticket. With the 16 tickets we purchased on two Ticketmaster account, it was a nice $1440 gain after fees.