Demand for General Admission shows is highest at the initial Onsale – all the dedicated fans hop on to grab tickets. For extremely hot tickets, this wave of demand will actually sell out the entire show immediately (these are the shows we are optimally looking for!). For example Future’s Purple Reign Tour sold out within a couple of minutes at certain venues simply because of his extreme popularity at the time.

After the initial Onsale rush the demand for General Admission shows slow down. People who had money to buy their tickets already bought them and are waiting for the artist to come to town.

As the date of the event approaches buzz around town for the concert increases. People are getting excited to go and are telling their friends about it. Many people who weren’t planning on attending the show buy tickets because their friends are going or they think it will be poppin. This is why the demand begins to gradually increase approaching the event.

Most of the time this is the period when your show will sell out.

Supply Curve

The rest of the demand for the event is left for the resale market after this point, and lucky you – you happen to have some tickets. As other brokers and ticket holders sell, the supply of tickets actually available for sale shrinks up.

Price Curve

Now that your show is sold out you can begin expecting the value of your ticket. The rest of the demand is now funneled into the resale market which has a limited amount of supply. Because the demand is steadily increasing and the supply is dropping, the value of the ticket in the resale market naturally rises. The longer you wait until the event, the more your ticket will be worth.

The value of your ticket may not peak from anywhere between 10 days to 5 hours before your concert. You can guesstimate the peak based off how many tickets are still in supply. Those who did not already sell their tickets drop their price to rid of them before the show, and people who genuinely were unable to attend the show also throw their tickets up for sale.

If the value of your ticket begins to drop and there is a nice pool of supply, you can expect the value to continue dropping steadily. This is because people still holding tickets see the price drop and freak out, resulting in them dropping their price as well.

When you are satisfied with the current value of your tickets, go ahead and sell them! Remember, don’t get too greedy by waiting too long – you might end up regretting it if they drop down. You will start to get a feel of when the right time to sell your tickets is with more experience!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick guide! We want to provide the best info on how to become a ticket broker here at Ticket Flipping!