To make a lot of money you must use the proper tools to give yourself any advantage you can, simply trudging away doing the same thing will keep you in the same place forever. And guess what the first tool is explained right here below!   

It may come as surprise to many of you the buying and reselling tickets is actually a very complex market to join. When you buy and resell a good that you did not personally make, such as a ticket for an event, you become the gateholder or middleman in the business process. This allows us as ticket brokers to make money on the increased cost value of the ticket as it reaches closer towards the event date. What we as ticket brokers are taking advantage of is the concept of leverage.

Yes Leverage is a very important concept to understand deeply. Without a clear understanding of this you will never really understand how large amounts of money can be made. 

In physics, a lever allows a small force to move huge objects by moving the leverage point so that lever can press down easily. The same sort of concept applies in business. 

Observe this illustration below. Excuse my drawing skills. 

leverage resale

The concept of leverage is used across the business world and is commonly used in transaction where money is used to make more money. The business definition used in finance is spending money to make more money in the future. 

leverage : influence or power used to achieve a desired result : the increase in force gained by using a lever.

The same way using a lever can help you move a larger force, using proper timing we leverage yourself into a position where simply the more time passes the better leverage we acquire and therefore the more money we can expect to make. 


"Why push a rock up a hill when you can simply use a lever to move mountains." In the same exact way: why make money by giving up your time? Instead use time as your leverage to make money while you wait. 

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