This is an example of Weekly Market Analysis which we send to all Ticketflipping Members. We hope this gives you an idea of what we offer for our members on top of our training guides.

These are some events we have been following and are selling well.

1. Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues Tour

Event Date: 06/11

Venue: Boston House of blues

Toolbox Checks: 

  • Date Check 1: 4/18 – Remaining Tickets: 500/2453
  • Date Check 2: 4/29 – Remaining Tickets: 250/2454










As you can see from this Data Table, there are only 170 Upper Mez Tickets and 80 Lower Mezz Tickets. (With the lowers being more desirable.)

There are also 279 Tickets left on Stubhub, which we should keep in mind.

From the checks above we can see that 250 tickets sold in 10 days, or about 25 tickets per day. This means the rest of the 250 tickets could sell within 10 days. With 41 days left till the event, there’s a good chance it will sell completely out on Ticketmaster. 

Of course events don’t always sell in any consistent pattern, but these numbers helps us better understand how an event is selling so we can make more informed decisions.

2. Owl City


Neptune Theatre Seattle, WA

Chameleon Club Lancaster, PA

Owl City recently announced a new tour. Owl City is nowhere near as popular as they once were, but they are hitting several clubs and theaters that have a very small capacity. These 2 venues have a capacity of about 1000, and the show is a few months away. The tickets are not selling extremely fast, so this is a good event to look for a buy for if the amount of tickets gets low.

3. Odesza CFE Arena Orlando, FL

Event Date: 5/17

Odesza is one of the most popular EDM artists right now and has sold out almost his entire tour with market prices on the rise. For this Odesza show in Orlando Florida, the Floor and Upper tickets are sold out, but there are Lower GAs still available (373 at the time of writing this post).

We have been monitoring this show and it has been selling about 30-50 tickets per day. Be aware that there are 360 additional tickets on Stubhub, and the show is approaching soon on May 17th. We are going to continue to monitor this event and buy tickets if its about to sell out, and resell them quickly incase the demand does not meet the secondary market supply.