Check it out: Alessia Cara: Know-It-All Tour Part II


Alessia Cara is blowing up right now. Youtube her and I’m sure you will have heard some of her songs on the radio (They are pretty catchy :P).

I saw that she just announced her tour recently so I decided to do some research about her and see whats up.

  • Her music videos on Youtube have an insane amount of views. A couple of them have around ~15 million views, and her most popular one has over 100 million views. That’s a lot.
  • She also has 11 million monthly listeners on Spotify. That’s an insane amount, she has a huge following right now.

We have established she is a hot artist right now. These are the kinds of artists we are looking for to buy tickets.

So lets head over to the ticket page and see where shes touring:

tourShe’s hitting a bunch of places all over the US. Most of her tickets go on sale today (July 15). So I looked through all of her shows that were in profitable cities, and there are quite a few which are worth looking at.

For example, her show in Los Angeles. She’s playing at The Wiltern on October 13th. A quick google search shows you that the capacity of the venue is 1,850, and it’s mostly general admission. That’s a very small venue for a huge city like Los Angeles, and especially for 11 million people listening to her songs each month.

Here’s the show:

I went through the evaluation checklist (In the buying section) and came up with no major red flags.

I encourage you to do some research yourself and see what you come up with. I can never promise you profits, but with that being said I am definitely about to invest a few hundred into this tour.