A 192% ROI for holding these tickets for 2 months? Nice.




Future Hendrix, a rapper who is very popular right now announced a tour a couple of months ago. Some of his shows sold out minutes after going on sale, and eventually all of his shows sold out. Future's songs are described to be intoxicating and just make people want to turn up.




Future's popularity was perfect for flipping these tickets. I was amazed as I watched the price crawl and crawl and crawl on Stubhub. I decided to sell my tickets 10 days before the concert and cashed out at $120.12 after fees. That is a nice $230.76 profit for only four tickets.


Although this is unrealistic to expect for every ticket you resell, it does unveil some of the profits laying untouched in this industry. $230 is a ridiculous profit for the work put into this. All I did was buy 4 tickets which cost me about $250, waited around for a month, and then sold them. And BAM! All it takes is a little investment.


Now I just wish that I had purchased more tickets for Future.


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