Basslights is a two night edm festival featuring Bassnectar and Pretty Lights which is held in mid December. It is held in Hampton, VA at the Hampton Colosseum which holds nearly 10,000 people. Tickets go on sale in early November.

Bassnectar Tickets NYE Cheap

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Basslights tickets are some of the best tickets you could possibly flip.



Why is that?


Pretty Lights and Bassnectar are two of the most popular DJs currently out there. Basslights is a well known festival which is known to be extremely ‘lit’. Because of this, people travel long hours to attend the event.

The hype surrounding Basslights is insane – presale tickets sell out instantly. I personally refreshed the presale page every 5 seconds right before they went onsale and still failed to snag any tickets. The onsale tickets have sold out over the course of a weekend for the last 4 years straight.

The profit margins on this festival are quite large. In 2015 tickets cost $112 and peaked on Stubhub around $250. These tickets are in such a high demand that you could sell the first nights ticket, make a small profit, and still go to the second night for free.


Flipping Basslights Tickets


You are going to want to catch the presale of course. Pretty Lights and Bassnectar will probably tweet about the presale in early November, so be on the look out. If you are unable to get any presale tickets (just like myself), you definitely want to buy onsale tickets anyway!

Since these tickets are over $100 each, this is event is often flipped by the established ticket broker who is comfortable investing larger amounts. If you have the capital and the confidence to buy a couple of these tickets it will surely pay off.

When buying tickets you will receive a PDF with 2 separate tickets. There is no wristband for Basslights unlike most festivals – instead there is a paper ticket for each night. This makes these tickets extremely easy to resell on Stubhub or Ebay! This also gives you the option to split the 2 tickets up and sell them separately if you so please.


Stock up on Basslights tickets, it’s a surefire opportunity for you to bank!