1ticket.com is a website that sells a service that will take your reselling game to a whole new level. This service essentially allows you to move large volumes of tickets with much less work.

How the 1ticket website works is that you upload any number of PDF tickets to a POS (point of sale) system on the site. From the POS your tickets are automatically uploaded and displayed on many different third party ticket resale websites, while you are still in control of the price for your tickets through 1ticket.com. Once your tickets are purchased on any of the third party resale websites they are listed on, 1ticket.com removes all other listings of that ticket instantly.


The 1ticket base service is priced at $150 a month, with more expensive packages that go up to $400 per month. For $200 a month you get the added benefit of 1ticket automatically reading your emails from Ticketmaster and other ticket vendors, and when you buy a ticket it is automatically placed in to the POS database. Then all you have to do is go to the POS, set a value on the tickets you want to sell and then they are listed to many websites.


1ticket is a service for Ticket Brokers that are serious about doing this. By listing massive amounts of tickets on many different markets while spending so little manual time doing so, you can easily skyrocket profits while saving time. If you are dealing with a larger volume of tickets then this service will be a massive benefit for you. With this you can spend more time finding tickets and less time fooling around on Stubhub or other secondary markets.


The website 1ticket.com offers a free 30 day trial that I recommend everyone reading this article go ahead an sign up for. It is the easiest 30 day trial sign up I have ever seen, it should take you less than 5 minutes to get running with the ticket services. Good luck with reselling! (Base price up to $150)