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We provide ticket brokers and resellers of all sizes with the resources they need to be successful.

Whether you are just starting your journey as a ticket seller, or already sold thousands of tickets, we can help you take that next step in elevating your business. Select from the options below to begin.

Ticketflipping Member Services.

Complete Broker Training Course

everything you need to know to make money reselling tickets

Ticket Broker Course Curriculum

In-Depth Training: Access to hundreds of Video Training and Written Training Guides that will help you select your own shows and give you a competitive advantage over anyone else.

15 Hours of Video Training

Section 1: Buying Strategy
  • Cash Flow, Financing, and Credit Cards
  • General Admission Value Curve
  • Common Buying Options
  • General Admission vs Seats
  • Ticket Delivery Methods and Delivery Delays
  • Day and Time Rules
  • “Speccing” Tickets Explained
  • Venue Breakdowns
  • Broker Wholesale Source (Inventory Acquisition)
Section 2: Event Research
  • Finding Events: Methods and Strategy
  • Flare User Guide
  • Toolbox Event Research
  • Using Slack to Find Events
  • Evaluating Events
  • Research Method: Ticketflipping Presale List
Section 3: Pulling Tickets
  • High Value Seats Explained
  • Waiting Rooms + Verified Fan Presales
  • Troubleshooting pulling tickets + IP Blocks and Errors
Section 4: Selling Tickets
  • When to sell my Tickets
  • POS Systems (Point of Sale)
  • Order Processing
  • Which POS should you use? Ticketflipping Recomendation
  • Automatically organizing inventory with 1Ticket
  • Flash Seats and Mobile Transfers in Skybox
  • Inventory management tips with Broker Genius
Section 5: Sports Training
  • MLB Season Tickets Strategy
  • NHL Season Tickets Strategy
  • NFL Season Tickets Strategy
  • NBA Season Tickets Strategy
  • Season Tickets Resale Guide
  • Playoff Ticket Sales Mindset
  • Annual update for all Sports Included
Section 6: Tools and Software
  • Venue Capacity Database
  • Upcoming Event Feed (Flare is a new option now)
  • Useful Resources, Links + More.
  • Slack Members Discussion Group

Full Coverage Market Data and Sales Tracking

Complete Secondary Market Sold Data

Easily Track Sold Data for the Secondary Market. Understand what FANS are really buying and how much they’re paying for it! Now covering 98% of sold tickets and most marketplaces!

View remaining tickets across all major marketplaces.

Quickly see how many tickets are left across a variety of primary and secondary ticket selling websites.

Automatically Track Primary Ticket Markets

Record sales trends and see how quickly different events are selling on Ticketmaster and Livenation to better understand when to buy tickets or how to price.

Set up Low and Dropped Tickets Alerts

Get notified when new primary inventory is added to any event. Set reminders to buy up sections or entire general admission events when tickets get low.

Ticket Flipping Community

One of the useful aspects of being a member is the community of resellers that network together in the Ticket Flipping Slack group.

As the saying goes,

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

And that explains why working with hundreds of other Ticket Flipping members is so valuable: it gives you those insights you may not uncover on your own.

Presale & Onsale Analytics

the next generation of Event insights

  • Dashboard with every Presale and Onsale so you never miss a ticket going on sale
  • See what cities an artist is most popular in with event analytics
  • Understand any artists current relevance with a simple popularity score.
  • Quickly select what venues are going to sell the best based on the amount of fans!
  • And much more powerful and predictive data at your fingertips.

The Ticket Flipping Fundamentals

Get started from scratch and learn how to become a ticket broker with our free “New Broker” introductory training!


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What to Buy and Sell for Profit

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What are the Easiest Things to Flip for Profit?

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Can I Make $100,000+ Per Year?

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How To Make Money Reselling Tickets For Profit

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