2 Hours Of In-depth Training

Sit down with a pro and elevate your ticket flipping game to the next level

Tailored To You

Specifically tailored to your needs and what you want to learn about

Jam Packed with Value

Our course is designed to launch you in the right direction and help you make money

The Benefits and Advantages of a Private Brokers Course

1. Speak Directly with an advanced Ticket Broker who has done $2,500,000 in ticket sales in a single year.

2. We will give you insider tips on exactly which shows to focus on that give you the highest returns per ticket this coming year. 

3. Learn the advanced broker buying and listing tips that allow you to Buy and Resell Ticket in Bulk to exponentially increase your earnings. 

We will help you scale your Ticket Resale to make more money each month.

Once you purchase this course you will receive

- To schedule a convenient time to speak with one of our brokers over Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or any Video Streaming Platform.

- Online Chat Support with our Advanced Broker for a Month Following the Broker Lesson.

- In depth information on how to use a POS (Point of sale system) to manage your tickets and sell on multiple platforms all from one website.

Whether you are already an expert broker who wants to learn deeper insights in inventory efficiency and maximizing ROI Per Ticket

OR... a new broker who wants to build a reliable monthly income

After our Advanced Ticket Broker Training Session you

feel confident in how to buy and resell tickets effectively and Profitably

Advanced Course


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