Ticket Flipping Booth: Puller Fee Structure



Our goal with the Ticket Flipping Booth is to provide Pullers with a chance to earn extra money and provide Brokers with the ability to acquire inventory they could not have gotten beforehand.

With our network of brokers, we think this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to make more money and help each other out.

The basic marketplace rules are simple:

  1. We are all here to help each other grow and make more business.
  2. Transactions made outside of the Ticketflipping Booth marketplace are not allowed.
  3. No attempt to take someone’s tickets or manipulate costs or in any way circumvent the preset system.
  4. Any problems reported or found will result in immediate and permanent removal from the marketplace.

We are excited about this new service for Ticketflipping Members!

Ticket Brokers:

If you are a Ticket Broker, you can find someone to pull and buy tickets for you.

Every puller is carefully screened before being added to the Ticketflipping Booth.

Here are the steps:

1. Contact a puller and set your parameters about which tickets you want. (Tickets, Sections, Seats, Quantities)

2. Send your Ticketmaster account login to the puller with the card information pre-saved. Provide the Puller with your cards security code. This way the puller will never know your cards full number.

3. The puller buys tickets for you on your own account and you change the password. Simple as that.

4. The Puller will send you the cost of services in the Ticket Flipping Booth.

Fee Structure: The cost is 13% of the final cost of tickets purchased. Payments are via Paypal.

If the specified tickets are not purchased, there is no cost.


If the final cost is $1160 dollars worth of Tickets after fees:

You will pay the puller $150.08 dollars for this service (1160 x .13)

Although 13% may seem like a high upfront fee, for hard to acquire inventory (presale events, etc.), it can be highly worth the extra tickets you will be able buy and resell.

Ticket Pullers:

If you are a Puller, a broker will contact you about pulling tickets for them.

Here are the steps:

1. A Broker will set the parameters about which tickets they want. (Tickets, Sections, Seats, Quantities)

2. They will send you their Ticketmaster account login with the card information pre-saved. They will also provide you with the card security code. This way, you as the puller will never know the full card number for security reasons.

3. You will buy the tickets for the broker, using the provided credentials. Simple as that.

4. Once you purchase the tickets within the specified parameters, write down the final cost including fees.

5. Contact the puller and calculate the service cost price as 13% of the total cost of the order. (You will have to manually do the the math here)

If you could not pull/buy the specified tickets in the parameters, There will be no transaction.


If the final cost is $1160 dollars worth of Tickets after fees:

You would charge the broker $150.08 dollars for this service. (1160 x .13)

The admin, PayPal, and marketplace fee combined is 50%

You would make $75.04 on this pull.

This could all take only a few minutes and you can work with as many brokers as you'd like, so there is a lot of room for scalability.