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Getting Started with the Ticketflipping Course

You will receive an email from Ticketflipping to create your account and log in to

1.Once you've created your account login here: Member Login

2. Visit the Course page and start with the first lesson

Ticketflipping Course

3. More advanced lessons are locked for a period of time.

4. It will take some time to master all aspects of being a ticket broker, make sure to refer back to the course. If you need more information always feel free to ask us slack or email

Getting Started with The Premium Member Group chat on Slack!

1. Check your Email for your invitation to join the Ticketflipping Slack Group.

2. Create an account and join the group.

3. Download the Toolbox Chrome Extension.

4. You will use your Slack account to log into the Toolbox Chrome Extension.

Slack Guidelines:

- Feel free to discuss any Ticket Related Questions, from research method, to delivery issues, to payments, etc.

- Please do not ask the Group for "Sell-Out Events" as not everyone will want to share their events.  

- In the Channel #marketpredictions we will post recommended events from Sunday-Thursday, every week!

- In our #winning slack channel you will see member post about the success, feel free to post your profitable sales anytime!

- Lastly make sure to explore the variety of Channels in our discussion group by searching for them in the menu bar.

Getting Started with the Ticketflipping Toolbox 

1. You will use your SLACK username and Password to Login into the Toolbox

2. It may take several minutes for our plugin to sync with your membership level. (Check Amounts)

3. To learn how to optimally use The Toolbox Features, please visit the Toolbox sign up page and watch the videos explanations.

Pro, Expert, and Enterprise level members get Access to a comprehensive Daily Presale List, the INDEX, and Toolbox Features Access!


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