An Event Dashboard utilizing AI to dominate the Ticket Reselling Marketplace.

Created with you in Mind

The most powerful event dashboard designed to give ticket sellers an unprecedented competitive advanatge.

Using AI to analyze and score thousands of events within seconds. Effortlessly pointing the way to your next profitable event.


the next generation of Event insights

  • Dashboard with every Presale and Onsale so you never miss a ticket going on sale.
  • See what cities an artist is most popular in with event analytics.
  • Understand any artist’s current relevance with a simple popularity score.
  • Quickly select what venues are going to sell the best based on the amount of fans!
  • And much more powerful and predictive data at your fingertips.

What FLARE can do

View all upcoming events

Quickly see all upcoming events from across marketplaces in one simple display

Discover Artist Metrics

Dive into more detail and learn how various Artists are performing right NOW

Event Analysis

See the venue capacity for any upcoming event to better inform your operations

Event Trends

Understand how any Event is trending across primary and secondary markets


Let our artificial intelligence predict the strength of any event using current data

In Depth Research

Stack multiple filters to help you discover new venues, tours, or artist to target

Pricing Information

See how much tickets will cost prior to the presale to help you better plan your buys

Discover Unknown Gold

With FLARE, you can easily locate hidden gems and avoid over bought events


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