With the endless amount of events going on and all of them so different, how do you know what event to target, and what tickets to actually buy when you finally settle on an event? In this quick article I’ll help you understand how we use the FAN acronym to quickly see where the most profitable tickets are found.


Ticket Sales and Software Manager, Ticketflipping.com.

When it comes to buying the best tickets to resell, you want to know how to select the absolute highest value tickets, so that you can maximize your profit margin on every single ticket.

What are the best tips and tricks you should be thinking about when selecting tickets to buy?

The number 1 absolute best method is to think like a FAN.

Let’s consider the FAN acronym and ask some important questions.

Finances – How much money does the person going to this PARTICULAR event have to spend?

Area – WHERE is this event taking place, and what is the general audience that live here?

Niche- What does this type of event (music, comedy, game, etc) attract and how important is it to them?

So what does all of this mean? When we consider the FAN acronym it helps use understand exactly what kind of event we are dealing with.

Do these people want to sit quietly and listen to their favorite orchestra? Are they looking to dance in the PIT section of their favorite electronic music artist? Does the average fan for this genre of music have a lot of disposable income or not?

Having these important concepts in mind will help you decide exactly what tickets are the most desirable in each individual scenario.

Lets dive into a bit more detail about each of the FAN details and how it impacts different genres, whether sports, concerts, company, festivals, etc.


High Spend Events (2022):

  • Orchestra
  • Famous Old School Bands (Pearl Jam, Garth Brooks, Elton John, etc.)
  • Tier one artists (BTS, Drake, Kanye, Taylor Swift, Machine Gun Kelly, Post Malone, Dua Lipa)
  • Top Spanish Artists ( Bad Bunny, Ozuna, J Balvin, Karol G, Maluma)
  • Hot EDM Artists (Fisher, Odesza, GRIZ, ZHU, RUFUS DU SOL, Flume, Diplo)
  • Tier one rappers (Future, Lil Baby, Gunna, Kodak, etc.)

Keep in mind that generally music genres that attract a younger demographic won’t have as much spending power or disposable income, so even if demand is very high, the premium you can charge for your tickets won’t be as significant.


There is obviously a lot of variation when it comes to sports, but also a good level of recurring consistency. MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA (Golf). All of these occur annually in a more predictable and timely manner than concerts which are entirely up to the decisions of the artists and when they decide to announce tours. Sports with lots of events obviously make each individual game less important except for specific rivalries, important games, and of course games that determine prefinal and final championships.

Season tickets are a very lucrative method that many ticket resellers take advantage of. Season tickets holders get access to many tickets at once at a much cheaper bulk price which allow you to make a profit pricing on par or even below mid season ticket releases that the general public has access to.

Season tickets can be tricky because some teams don’t like you reselling their tickets. They prefer to build relationships with fans and sometimes will limit the amount of tickets you can resell to only 50%. There are workarounds for these scenarios. Acquiring season tickets can also be a longer process since many times you need to be located in the cities, or state of the particular team to be able to purchases tickets. Having a PO Box or billing address should suffice in most cases.

Unlike concerts, I cannot make specific recommendations for any particular teams since sports is highly varied and can change frequently even throughout the season. We do stay on top of the trends and provide our premium members with detailed and timely updates around the current sports season, covering all the major teams, games, and everything in between. You can join the group here: Ticketflipping Premium Membership.

Overall, brokering or reselling sports tickets can provide a steady baseline of profits with an established and expect fan size and at predictable pricing due to season tickets deals.


Comedy is a growing segment in the live entertainment industry as it has shown to steadily grow in popularity and an increasing fans base. Netflix specials and more access through social media has given comedians the opportunity to build a more connected fan base.

Many comedians tour together with usually 1 headliner and 1-2 opening acts that are normally up and coming performers.

Comedians can sell out giant arenas and can be a highly lucrative event that ticket brokers can take advantage of. Understanding the size of the venue and the amount of tickets particular comedian can sell will significantly impact how much tickets will increase in value.

A comedian playing in an a venue with thousands of more seats than he has previously performed in is a testing ground and could lead to access inventory and lower prices. On the other hand, if someone really big somehow ends up performing in a small comedy store, the demand can be astronomical.

Some big comedians currently include (2022): Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Louis CK, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer.