The best way to sell concert ticket last minute is by filling out the form at the bottom of the page and we will help you sell your tickets!

Have you ever bought tickets for a show, concert, or sporting event, and then something came up and you could no longer attend the event? I'm sure in that moment when you realized that you couldn't go you realized that you wasted money on the ticket which will be completely useless after the day of the event. So what do you do? 

You try to resell that ticket to friends, family, or anyone who you think might go. An initial option is post about your ticket on social media such as Facebook, twitter, etc... but it is unlikely anyone is actually looking to buy a ticket on Facebook. So now what?

Well I'm going to show you how to sell concert tickets so that it actually sells even if the event is Tomorrow! 

We will see if your tickets are good for resale and help you sell them on quickly! All you have to do is upload your PDF to stubhub and select a price. Selling on Stubhub will help you price and you can see how other people price their tickets. If the day of the event is very close and their are all lot of tickets left, you should price lower than the other tickets so people looking to buy that ticket will buy yours "the cheapest option". This way you at least make some of your money back.

Stubhub also gives you the prices of other sellers so you can price competitively. 


Another important aspect is that you can look at both active sellers and even at tickets which already sold. This will give you a better understanding of what people are willing to pay for these tickets.

In this particular example you can see that general admission tickets sold for $52 and as high as $88 dollars.

In this particular example, if the event date is very soon, and and you want to resell your ticket last minute, I would price my ticket at $51 dollars so you appear as the cheapest option. Since stubhub gives us this sold data and other pricing information it is the best place to sell concert tickets fast.

Knowing the best way to sell concert tickets last minute is just something that is necessary if you are worried about losing your money on the ticket, but selling concert tickets fast is a last resort.

If you need help uploading you tickets to stubhub watch this explanation video which will show you how to sell concert tickets.

Now that you know how to sell concert tickets, go ahead buy that show you wanted to go to, and if you can't make it... You can just sell it for a PROFIT!

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