A question we get all the time is: How much money can I make reselling tickets?

Here’s the truth, like most businesses you get out what you put into it. The amount of money, dedication, and learning you put in will determine your monthly profit.

Most brokers can make a couple thousands per month. 

This quick article explains what we have seen our current clients achieve and generally help you understand what you can expect reselling concerts ticket online.


Ticket Sales and Software Manager, Ticketflipping.com

How much you make monthly reselling tickets will depend on you. What are your goals? How much time do you have to put towards ticket reselling? Are you going to buy 8 tickets for that concert or are you going to go big and buy 30 tickets?

What I can tell you is how Ticket Flipping Brokers are currently doing. Among the 1000+ Ticketflipping members there are three main categories that break down:

The Side Income: This is someone newer to ticket resale who is looking to make some extra money online or some extra cash each month for fun or expenses. ($500-$3000/m)

Full Time Lifestyle: This is someone who is looking to make this their full time income from their LAPTOP. Whether to travel, spend time with their kids, or just take advantage of a new opportunity. This is a Ticket Broker that is looking to quit their job and make money reselling tickets. ($3,000 – $15,000/m is a regular ticket broker salary)

The Business: This is someone looking to make ticket reselling into a business. Usually someone with this goal will have 2+ employees or partners who work together. These brokers buy and sell a lot of tickets consistently. You will need to have access to some capital (whether credit or not) to get to this level. ($15,000 – 1.5 Million: Yes, there are some really big broker businesses!)

Our goal at Ticketflipping is to help YOU reach your goal, regardless of which of these categories you may fall into. The Ticketflipping Course and Tools can help you from beginner to business.

This video will explain this info a bit more:

With this being said, we know many brokers making over $5,000 per month. This is because they are constantly looking for popular events that are coming out and buying and selling tickets consistently.

There are hundreds of popular concerts and sporting events selling out every single day. It is our job to find these shows and buy tickets for them before they blow up. When shows sell out and there are no desirable tickets left, the price naturally spikes from demand. This is when we capitalize on the market and sell our tickets to make profit.

We expect a 20%-80% return on most tickets that we invest in. For example, to make $500 a month with 40% profit, you will buy about $1250 of tickets and sell it for $1750.  This percentage can differ based on how many tickets you are selling. When you are doing hundreds of thousands in ticket sales, you can accept a small profit margin of about 25%-35% because that can still be a large total sum of money. 

The problem is: You have to find upcoming popular tickets that you can buy knowing for certain you can make money reselling them.

To make things easy, Ticketflipping Members have access to daily event recommendations from experienced brokers.  On top of that the Ticketflipping Course will teach you how to find events, analyze them, and make profitable flips all on your own.

Our video training course explains starting a ticket broker business with zero prior knowledge.

Our course begins by teaching:

• How to easily find upcoming popular shows

• How to evaluate the shows to ensure profitability

• How to choose what sections/seats to buy

• How to sell tickets quickly and efficiently

• How to maximize profits and minimize costs

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