Online there seems to be an endless lists of side hustles, but how can you really know what is truly the best side hustle from home? In this article I will explain to you why ticket reselling is the number one best side hustle idea you should be considering.


Ticket Sales and Software Manager, Ticketflipping.com

What makes a good side hustle?

The main reason most people look for side hustles or side income ideas is for additional income. So the number one thing a side hustle should do is provide an additional income.

You might be looking for some more cash to come in to pay for a new car, apartment, home, whatever it may be, an extra $500-$5,000 dollars a month can be life changing and help you reach your personal financial goal, and provide a level of security.

The second thing a side hustle should be is something that does NOT take up too much of your time.

Whether you are busy with your current job, family, school, your side hustle should be able to not only provide you a consistent flow of additional cash, it should also give you freedom.

What is the ticket reselling side hustle?

Simply buy highly demanded tickets, like concerts, comedy shows, sports games, and then list those tickets online for sale.

It only takes about 15 minutes to buy and post your tickets for sale.

You buy tickets from primary marketplaces like Ticketmaster.com, Livenation.com, or AXS.com and then you can sell those tickets on secondary marketplaces like Stubhub.com or Vividseats.com.

Why is Ticket Reselling the best side hustle?

Ticket resale is simple side hustle idea that can be done online from home. You don’t need to have any previous experience, technical skills, or licenses.

As long as you can use a laptop and aren’t completely lost when browsing the internet, you can resell tickets online. Not only that you can make a seriously good side hustle income.

Here are examples of ticket resellers making thousands of dollars every month flipping some of their favorite events:

$72,398.66 Profit

$70,000 Profit

$64,347.76 Profit

$73k Profit in 4 Months

So as you can see, there are some people who took this amazing side hustle idea and turned it into a full blown business, making over 60k per year. Some doing this while still having another full-time job.

Of course you will not make thousands of dollars right away you must first understand what tickets you need to buy that can be resold for a MORE than your cost.

Ticket reselling is an easy side hustle.

It does not require a lot of time, all you have to do is find tickets with high demand (you can learn how here) and then upload them for sale.

There are many resources online to help you learn how to pick the best tickets to sell for profit for your side hustle from home. The Ticketflipping Youtube Channel has hours of information that explains how it all works and how you can get started from scratch.

Check out this simple guide for step by step instructions on how to sell your tickets.

Once your tickets sell they are automatically sent to the buyer and you get paid.

Who is the Ticket Reselling Side Hustle for?

Ticket resale can be a good side hustle for men and women looking to make money online. There are no real limitations to who can be a ticket reseller since it is a side hustle from home, where you make your own schedule and determine how much you want to put into the business.

We have seen people of all ages and all around the world make money flipping tickets as a side hustle, including the US, Canada, UK, and beyond!

The Ticket Seller Side Hustle is especially good for

  • someone who enjoys live events already
  • knows a lot about popular artist in one or many genres
  • understand sports and knows what tickets are the most valuable and what teams are strong

Some sellers choose to dedicate a lot of time to the business and end up making this online side hustle into their main online business when they realize they can make more money by scaling this business model.

This business idea is NOT for someone who isn’t ready to learn how to find the hottest events by browsing through twitter, YouTube, and billboard.

The Best Side Hustles 2023

After covid we have seen the live entertainment industry explode with thousands of events being announced every week! From artist, musicians, and venue owners, to the millions of fans who want to get out and see their favorite artists, ticket sales have been on the rise at 8% year over year and expected to continue rising!

As covid comes to an end in 2022 and we move forward the best side hustles for 2023 are coming to the surface and it looks like ticket reselling is #1, particularly for those looking for online side hustles.

How to get Started as a Ticket Reseller

If you are ready to get started on your new side gig and start making money online flipping tickets the best way to get started would be watch this introduction to Ticket Reselling Video which will help you learn all the fundamentals.

Simply put, this video will show you what websites you will be using, how to create your buying and selling accounts and just help get started in the right direction without too much fuss or confusion. It’s completely free and FULL of useful bits of insight!

We’re here to help!

If you are interested in joining a group of experienced ticket resellers, we have a top-notch group of people working and learning together on what events we’re going to resell. Many of the people resell tickets as a side hustle but some have turned it into a full fledged business and have sold over 3 Millions dollars a year taking home anywhere from $500k-$800k per year!

As apart of the group you also get access to some video training courses and additional tools that help you see how quickly tickets are selling and even use artificial intelligence to predict which events will sell-out and make the most bang for your buck.

You can Join our group here: Ticketflipping Premium Members Group