The Best Credit Cards For Buying Entertainment Tickets

Jan 25, 2022 | Blog, homepage

When buying tickets you have the opportunity to maximize your cash back and travel rewards. This can help offset ticket costs and give you extra benefits during the ticket resale process.

In this article we go over our reccomendations for the most efficient credit cards to buy tickets with, to give you the most profit or best rewards possible.

We keep this page updated with the best credit cards currently available.

#1 The BEST Card for Tickets - 4% Cashback on Buying Tickets

Capital One Savor


4% Cash Back on all ticket purchases


$300 after spending $3000 in 3 months

Annual Fee


Reccomended Credit


More Details

The Capitol One Savor is hands down the best credit card to use for buying tickets. You'll get 4% cashback on all entertainment purchases, which is great for buying tickets (and you'll also get it in dining and streaming too). Additionally you'll get 8% cashback on tickets at Vivid Seats.

This cash back rate of 4% for entertainment and tickets is currently unmatched by any other card. Seperately, you'll also get 3% back on dining, grocery stores and streaming, & 1% back on everything else which is pretty great.

If you can get approved, this is the card we recommend most to use with tickets. An extra 4% added onto your margin can make a big impact whether you're doing a large volume of tickets or small.

There is also a 3% cash back version of this card if you don't want to pay the $95 annual fee which kicks in a year after you've had the card. However, if you are spending $9,500+ in tickets within a year the 4% version makes more sense, not including the cashback from other expenses you could use on the card.

Learn more or apply for this card here.


#2 The Best Service For Creating Virtual Cards & Scaling Your Ticket Business



1.5-2% Cash Back on all ticket purchases


Create unlimited virtual cards to buy more tickets across more accounts

Annual Fee


More Details

Slash is the service to use if you are looking to scale up your ticket purchasing operations.

With Slash you can load money into your account, and create virtual credit cards - each credit card pulls from your Slash balance, so it makes it easy to keep all of your spending in one place.

You can create unlimited virtual cards, all with different names, addresses, and CC #s, so you can use these for different purchasing accounts to buy more tickets than on just your personal account.

You also get between 1.5%-2% cashback, depending on your Slash plan, which is another great benefit to add to your profit margin when reselling tickets.

Sign Up for Slash here.


#3 Best for Amex Presales & Travel Rewards

Amex Platinum


Travel Points


100k points after spending $6,000 in 6 months

Annual Fee


Reccomended Credit


More Details

You can rack up an insane amount of travel points using this card if you put enough money on it each month. This card has one of the steepest annual fees out there at $695 - but that's because it comes with big benefits. If you're spending a lot on travel, this is the card to get (It's best for buying flights & hotels because you'll get 5x points) . You'll rack up a ton of points buying tickets with this card too, which you can utilize with Amex travel and get good deals on flights/hotels.

The annual fee is also offset by some credit benefits: $200 hotel credit, $200 uber eats cash, $200 airline credit, & streaming service discounts among other benefits. If any of these are useful to you, it may end up offsetting expensive annual fee.

If the annual fee is a bit too steep - no worries. There are other Amex cards with $0 annual fee such as the 'Blue Cash Everday' if you are just looking to pick up an Amex for the occasional purchase.

Learn more or apply for an Amex card here.


#4 Best for Citicard Presales

Citicard Double Cash


2% Cash Back



Annual Fee


Reccomended Credit


More Details

This double cash card is great for the occasional citicard exclusive presale you'll run into. The 2% cashback reward is nice, and the best cashback you'll be able to get when buying a citicard exclusive presale. Additionally, the $0 annual fee is an easy commitment to have this card sitting around incase you run into a citicard presale.

2% cashback is pretty nice, however doesn't match the 4% of the Captiol One Savor mentioned above, so it is important to keep in mind this should be used when buying exclusive presales directed for citicards, or if you haven't gotten approved for a better card.

Learn more or apply for a Citicard here.


Notable Mentions

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Good sign up bonus and great travel rewards


Chase Sapphire Prefferred

Lower annual fee, also with a great sign up bonus and good travel rewards


Keep In Mind

When buying and reselling tickets, you may be spending thousands of dollars on inventory. You have the opportunity to use certain credit cards and maximize your rewards to increase your overall profit. Here we break down the best credit cards to use when purchasing tickets to get the best rewards possible.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when selecting another card to apply for:

Cash Back

Getting cash back on your tickets is important because it directly reduces the cost of those tickets and increases your overall profit. For this reason many of the cards in this article are based around the best cash-back rewards to help you get the best possible return on your tickets. Cashback is extremely powerful paired with tickets because often times you will be putting a lot of money on your card to purchase ticket inventory, and the cashback adds up.

Travel Rewards

Travel rewards are awesome, but there credit cards that give you a bonus specifically optimized for buying event tickets (The Capitol Savor is one of the only cards which gives cashback rewards directly for buying concert/sports tickets). For this reason, you can use any of your existing travel rewards cards and stack points on it by buying tickets.

Exclusive Presales

Some artist presales will be open exclusively to specific cardholders, and you'll need that type of credit card to participate and buy tickets in the presale. While it is only occasionally you will run into these types of presales, you may want to grab one of these cards if you don't have one already. The most common cardholder presales are for Citicard and Amex. We list our favorite cards for this case, but any Amex or Citicard would work fine for these presales.